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Today we want to show you some pics of the "Vienna Air King 2009".

It was that time of the year again: On 04.April and 05.April the anual DirtJump contest "Vienna Air King 2009" was celebrated at the Rathausplatz in Vienna (Austria), while the sun was shining and with a clear blue sky.

Nearly 100.000 spectators were watching the fourth edition of the contest, which is the biggest Bike festival in Austria.

The winner of the title "Vienna Air King 2009" and the contest was the 19 year old Martin Söderström (Sweden), Team "Ns Bikes" with an impressive performance.

Amir Kabbani (Germay), Team Cannondale finished second. The third was Paul Basagoitia (USA), Team Kona.

The winner of the Best-Trick-Competition was Paul Basagoitia (USA).


Nice photos of the event you can find here:




Impressions from the event and the highlights you can find here:


If you have a photoset of a spectacular cycling tour or event and want to share this special moment with all of us, send us an e-mail to We´re happy reading from you soon.

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